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1. Muslims Together

This site is  a think tank, all are welcome to participate in the discussions, our scope is limited and defined in our mission statement. Currently, we have 1800 Members world wide with no membership fee. For details, visit

2. Sharia Laws

Many articles including Genesis of Sharia and Fixing Sharia are worth reading. Sharia Laws were developed to bring justice, since they are human efforts there are flaws in it that need fixing. Unless we boldly do the right thing to fix them, we will be complicit in serving injustice to many and that is not Islam in any fashion.

3. Quran Today

Quran has been deliberately mistranslated twice – once in 1142 AD and again in 1924. In the Middle Ages, European Kings commissioned a hostile Quran translation to foster warfare against Muslim invaders. Later, Muslim leaders produced another translation to inflame Muslims against Christians and Jews. “It was all for politics,”  How do you know which translation is authentic? The litmus test is simple – if the translation makes your God a villain of other people, then it is not God’s word, as simple as that. The site is an effort to address many such mistranslations – Arabic Version of Quran has remained intact since it was written, however, there are two hundred translations in the market today and two of them are seriously flawed, and most are fine, but none is perfect. Muhammad Asad’s translation is near perfect and it still has a few mistakes.

4. Hadith and Islam

Imam Bukhari, the most recognized compiler of Hadiths, that is the sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad had collected 600,000 some such sayings and chopped them down to 6000 – that is 99% rejection rate. He did that 200 years after the death of the Prophet.  What is left is called Sahih “Authentic” Hadiths, however, he did not verify if the rest of the Hadiths match the character of the Prophet who is a mercy to mankind, and this site has begun listing such Hadiths that cannot be called Authentic unless some one proves it otherwise.  There are many books written by Scholars such as Ibn-Tamiyah, Ibn-Kathir, Ibn- Hisham, Maududi, Banna and others, which contain knee-jerk reactions to the situations rather than influenced by wisdom of Quran.  We cannot base our life on those writings.

5. Ramadan News

6. Blasphemy Laws

7. Apostasy and Islam

8. Women in Islam

9. Quran Conference in response to Quran Bashing

10. Quran Burning incidence and resolving conflicts

11. Ground Zero Mosque

12. Peter King Hearings

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