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  1. Islam is called a religion of Fitra – that it is reflective of human nature. Each human is unique with his own thumb print, eye print, taste buds and DNA, indeed God intentionally chose each one of us to be unique and made us into many tribes, communities, nations and religions as well. With that uniqueness, he expects us to have conflicts and then offers solutions and says, the best ones among you are those who learn about each other. What happens when you understand each other? Conflicts fade and solutions emerge for living in harmony.

    So,  like all other human endeavors and religions, Islam has many denominations or unique groupings among Muslims.  What we need to do is respect God’s wisdom and be respectful of the otherness of others. After all only God has the authority to judge what is in one’s hearts and not us. Neither are we accountable for other’s actions except stopping wrong doing to fellow beings. There is not a Muslim who does not recite this sentence, a part of the very first Chapter of Quran, “مَـالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّين ” Islam is about justness, fairness, dignity and equalness of all of God’s creation.

    Any one who calls himself or herself a Muslim, is a Muslim to us. More about denominations following the list in an alphabetical sequence.

    Ahmadiyya Muslims

    Alawite Muslims

    Bohra Muslims

    Ismaili Muslims

    Nation of Islam Muslims

    Salafi Muslims

    Shia Muslims
    There are a few sub groups within

    Sufi Muslims

    Sunni Muslims
    (There are dozens of denominations within this)

    WD Muhammad Muslims

    72 Other groups

    The ultimate achievement of religion, any religion for that matter is to restore balance within one’s soul, heart and mind.

    Like all creation, every human seeks his or her own balance; there will always be a continuous struggle between guilt, repentance, recognition, restoration and redeeming.

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had mentioned that his followers will eventually form themselves into 72 groups. Please note 72 is a metaphorical number, meaning many or even infinite. Then he suggested that everyone should race to do good, and what is good? A good is something you do for others without any benefit to yourselves like planting a tree knowing well that when that plant becomes huge tree and bears fruit and shadow, you will not be the beneficiary.

    Most people get that right while a few don’t, that is indeed the case with every group of people in every faith.

    God wants all of his creation to be free from fear and conflicts and wants every one to achieve Nirvana, salvation, Mukti, Moksha, Nijaat or Salvation. He wants everyone to be in harmony with oneself and with what surrounds him or her; life and environment.

    Everyone will be a winner with God, no one will go to hell, if he or she is going it will be because he or she messed up the harmony of self and others. God offers a choice till one’s last breath to repent and regret and restore harmony, God loves us all and wants us to live in peace. God repeats many times in Quran, he says whether you are a Jew, Christian or other, and if you are good to fellow beings, your reward is with me. I urge you to seriously think about this, you don’t have to be a Muslim to earn God’s grace, but you have to be good towards fellow beings to earn his grace. I am sure you can quote me so many examples to support this besides the verses from Quran.

    Mike Ghouse
    Muslim Speaker

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